Past Entries: March 2012

Condensation in RVs
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Condensation in RVs is common and, over the years, we’ve had lots of questions regarding condensation so we’re here to explain what it is and how to minimize it in your RV. Condensation happens when the surface the condensation has gathered on is cooler than the temperature of the water vapor that created the condensation. [...]

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Jayco’s Customer Service Process
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One of the principles Jayco has focused on since its beginnings in 1968 is providing exceptional customer service for our customers after the sale. We hope that issues don’t arise for our customers but we also know that we would be mistaken to think that there will never been any issues. That is why we [...]

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Jayco’s 2-Year Warranty
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At Jayco, part of our mission is to produce high quality, high value products and we back that up with our Quality Assurance Testing programs. This mission, along with the testing we do to support it, provides us with the confidence to offer an exclusive two year warranty, the best and most comprehensive in the [...]

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