5 smart & easy ways to beat the heat when you RV
5 smart & easy ways to beat the heat when you RV avatar



We are officially in the heat of summer. While we love the sunshine, outdoor activities, and the nice long break from winter, we know that the heat can beat you down. Don’t let a heat wave spoil your RV trip. Of course you have A/C, but there are some smart and easy ways to beat the heat when you’re road-tripping or camping.


1. Reserve a campsite that’s in the shade.

Having a shady retreat will not only give you a place to cool down outside, but will help keep interior temps down inside your RV. Booking a shady camp spot may mean you have to book early. The best campsites book up fast, but it’s worth the extra planning.

2.  Plug in some fans.

Or, better yet, get some solar fans. Keep the air flowing in your RV when you’re inside. You can cut down on the amount of A/C you need and bask in a nice breeze.

3.  Drink water.

The best way to keep you body’s temp down while you’re out and about in nature is to stay hydrated. Water will do you better than soda or juice, so make sure you always have some on hand. And, let’s be green, get a re-usable waterbottle!

4.  Wear a hat.

One made with lightweight fabric or material. Keep the sun out of the eyes and the heat off your head. Plus, everyone loves a good panama hat!

5.  Add swimming to the itinerary.

Camp near a swimming hole, river, lake, or stream. Spend some time each day immersing yourself in nature’s cool water. OR, set up camp at a campground with an onsite pool. If nothing else, bring along your own inflatable pool. A nice dip after some time in the sun always feels sublime!


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  1. Ray & Colleen Dean

    07/20/2013…..we just were saved by your phenomenal Middlebury service dept. Circling the US since mid April in our 2008 Seneca, we found ourselves in Canton, Ohio during a heat wave with no power getting to our RV. We hopped in our RV & headed towards Middlebury the next morning exhausted & frustrated. On the road, I left a message with your service dept. describing our situation. 10 minutes later I received a return call from Debi, who was sympathetic & offered to ask the service manager if they could possibly squeeze us in, but did explain they were booked out about 45 days. She called me back again & said come on in, we’ll service your RV tomorrow morning. Arriving our 2 pm, she, Eldon & another gentleman met us…..offered cold drinks & helped us get comfortable in their parking lot. In these days, they were such “a breath of fresh air,” it was apparent they had so much pride in what they did & their Co. The next day, we were on the road by that afternoon…..issue resolved. ( A transfer switch….never use the generator when you’re hooked up to shore power.). Our treatment form the entire crew was fantastic. We are forever grateful that they cared about us, as it would probably have even so much easier to say no & send is on our way. Thank you Jayco, you have 2 true loyal fans.