Jayco Values RV Customers’ Input
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At Jayco, customer satisfaction has been in our DNA since the first days of the company.  We’ve always considered our customers part of our Jayco family. And as with any family, we value everyone’s opinions and we’re eager to hear from the people who are using our products. If our customers have ideas that they think will enhance our products and make them more liveable, we always welcome them to share those ideas with us.

When we receive product enhancement ideas from consumers, our Product Development Manager reviews the idea first. If the idea will solve a problem or make the use of our products easier, he will then take the idea to our brand managers. Our brand managers are considered the experts on our specific product lines. These brand managers oversee a specific product line and are focused on what will be a fit for the product itself as well as in the marketplace. The brand manager then takes the necessary steps to get Jayco’s operations teams involved. A cost analysis is completed, as well as ensuring we can produce what the customer has presented. Once this step is complete, the idea goes through a final review by the entire Product Development team. If all parties involved agree that idea  1) adds value for our customers, 2) is cost effective, and 3) we can build it, the idea goes into production.

Have a Jayco RV and an idea to share? There are several ways to share your ideas with our Product Development Manager. You can email him directly at paul_gardner@jayco.com or post your ideas to Jayco’s Facebook page. We always strive to provide the best possible product for our customers.  That’s why our customers’ feedback is so vitally important to us.

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  1. Bob Lewis

    I have a 2011 Pinnacle great trailer, but would like the option of a queen size bed. Very hard to move around bedroom.

  2. What a great blog

  3. Carol D.

    I purchased a 2012 Jayco. At the time of the demonstration – I noticed the dining table was very wobbly and this has been acknowledged by both Jayco and the dealership. However, no one wants to correct this issue, except at my expense. Obviously there was a design flaw with the original configuration of this table leg by virtue of the fact that you have redesigned it to minimize the wobble. I am not happy with this and not willing to let this go and still waiting for resolution. Thank you.

    • Hi Carol. We’re sorry for any inconveniences, but we cannot help with Customer Service issues on the blog. Please contact your local Jayco dealer and/or Jayco’s Customer Service department at 800-283-8267 to resolve this. We’ve also passed along your comment to our Customer Service representatives so they are aware of the situation.

      • Carol D.

        Thank you – but since I havereceived no cooperation from the customer service department to resolve this issue – I thought I would post it here

        • Hi Carol, have you contacted our Customer Service directly? If not, give that a try. They can be reached at 800-283-8267. We are not able to help you through this blog, unfortunately. Sorry for the inconvenience but you’re only option is to talk to our Customer Service department.

          • Carol

            I have tried the customer service department and they have not helped at all with the issue – and I find it so funny that you have posted that “you value customers input” – really?? then how come I have received no help with my issue.

          • Hi Carol, we apologize for this and we’ve passed along your name, email and comments to customer service.

      • Carol D

        I have contacted my local RV dealer – and they are not willing to correct this situation – how can it be that Jayco is not willing to stand behind an issue such as this – especially after Jayco and my local Jayco dealer have admitted that the dinettes have a wobble to them – why is something not being done to help with this issue?

  4. Carol

    This is so funny that you say you “value customer’s opinions” – I have been trying to get some help with a problem with my trailer since I purchased it and still no one has helped me.