Jayco’s 2012 Sustainability Report
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It’s time for an update on Jayco’s EcoAdvantage program. This program is our commitment to sustainability. We want to ensure your family — and future families — have a place to camp.

We launched the EcoAdvantage program in 2011 with ambitious goals. We want to become landfill free, consume less energy, reduce product weight, integrate more sustainable materials and reduce fresh water usage.

It’s been a year since we’ve reported on our progress, and we thought Earth Month was a perfect time to clue you in on our strides in the past year.

The following video sums up our goals and accomplishments. Take a quick watch:

To summarize, in 2012:

  • Jayco recycled more than 6,500 tons of wood, 2,100 tons of scrap metal, and 1,100 tons of cardboard and paper.
  • We conserved:
    • Enough electricity to power 1,500 homes for an entire year.
    • Enough gas for Americans to drive more than 750,000 miles.
    • Enough water to meet the daily fresh water needs of more than 104,000 Americans.
    • And enough landfill airspace to meet the annual disposal needs of more than 40,000 people.
  • And finally, our efforts saved more than 50,000 mature trees.

We plan to aggressively move forward with our EcoAdvantage program, and we hope you come along for the ride!

For more information about the Jayco EcoAdvantage program, including green RVing tips and progress reports, visit http://www.jayco.com/ecoadvantage/.

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