Jayco’s Camping Audit and Rain Booth Testing– Post #2
Jayco’s Camping Audit and Rain Booth Testing– Post #2 avatar


In our last post, we explained that a myriad of tests are done on a large sample of Jayco units to ensure that we are continually building high-quality products for our customers. Two of these major post-production Quality Assurance Tests that our units go through are the camping audit and the rain booth test.

The camping audit involves testing any on-board system that the consumer will use and do during a camping trip. The Quality Assurance Testers implementing the camping audit are busy checking every inch of the randomly selected units. While performing the camping audit, they use Jayco’s 150+ page quality assurance testing handbook as a guide as they diligently and efficiently work their way through over 100 tests and checks. A few of the tests included in this audit are tests on the water systems and propane tanks, checks on all the lights, electronics and appliances to make sure they work, and looking at the placement of exterior doors to ensure they are straight and sealed properly.

Jayco Quality Assurance Testing

Jayco Quality Assurance Testing

Jayco Quality Assurance Testing

This part of the Quality Assurance Testing can take anywhere from two hours on a travel trailer to four hours on a fifth wheel. As the testers work through their lists, they check off items and make notes to keep record of their testing.

The second major test units are put through is a rain test. Jayco has a specifically built area where the units are taken to undergo 10 minutes of “rain”. This ten minutes amounts to four and a half inches of rain which equates to roughly 27 inches of rain in an hour. Once the water is done falling, the quality assurance testers check all around the unit to confirm no leaking occurred. Nearly 1,200 units will go through this test in a year.

The camping audit and the rain booth test are two of the major tests that help give Jayco the confidence in our mission and our two-year warranty. These two tests are joined by three other tests that focus on the durability and stamina of our walls. Stay tuned for the next post that discusses the three major tests that are completed to make sure the walls Jayco builds for our units live up to our high-quality promise. Here you can watch a video on our website about these tests.

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  1. Dane Goodwin

    Not sure you should have taken a picture of the Amish gentleman much less publish it on the web.

    • Hi Dane. We make sure to get permission from the people we photograph before taking pictures and posting them on the web. Some are ok with it, others are not. This gentleman happened to be fine with it.

  2. Ernie Pruden

    I wish Jayco would of rain tested our trailer. The living room slide leaked bad. If it was rain tesated at the factory we wouldn’t of had to wait 4 months to get the parts to repair the leak. We had to take it to two different dealers before it was fixed right. We have had the trailer less than 10 months.

    • Hi Ernie, we apologize for the inconveniences this caused you. We hope that from now on the RV brings you lots of good memories. If there are issues in the future, our Customer Service team is ready to help. They can be reached through your local Jayco dealer or directly at 800-283-8267.