Jayco’s Quality Assurance Testing Program – Post #1
Jayco’s Quality Assurance Testing Program – Post #1 avatar


At Jayco, part of our mission has always been to build a high quality product. One way we undertake this is by implementing a comprehensive Quality Assurance Testing program that includes a myriad of tests and checks.

Our Quality Assurance Testing takes samples from each model type; camping trailers, travel trailers, fifth wheels and motorhomes once they come off of the production line. Each test unit takes anywhere from 2 – 4 hours to thoroughly check depending on the size and the amount of amenities included in the RV. Last year, Jayco tested nearly 260 camping trailers, 1,400 travel trailers, 560 fifth wheels, and every motorhome we built.

The post-production quality assurance tests are in-depth and supplementary to the various checks that are carried out as the units move down the production line. Jayco likes the added assurance the Quality Assurance Testing in post-production provides, so to make certain these tests are comprehensive and thorough, we have a team of trained and dedicated individuals who focus only on quality testing. Our Quality Assurance Testing program includes five major categories; the camping audit, the rain booth, the water and glue test, the peel test and the heat and freezer box.

As the units move through these tests, if an error is found, the results go back to the production line where the unit came from so they can make the necessary changes to eliminate this error. Checks are also done on the units that came off production around the same time as the unit that went through the testing process where the mistake was found to make sure the same problem is not appearing on those units.

Over the next several blog posts, we’ll take a more in-depth look at each of the post-production Quality Assurance Tests that allows Jayco to find and correct errors before the units are shipped to dealers, reassuring Jayco, its dealers and its consumers that Jayco does in fact strive to constantly build high quality products. In the meantime, you can view a video about our Quality Assurance Testing program by clicking here.

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  1. Mike Hollingsworth

    I have a Greyhawk. Really like it. BUT…. I think Jayco would benefit by having someone with some “clout” at least follow the Jayco Forum at http://jaycoowners.com/. I have read many post concerning quality assurance issues, and the issues seem to be on the increase. For example, most of the class c’s are sent to the dealers without the indash sound system properly hooked up. None of them come with the tv sound connected to the house speakers, the DVD player does not send a signal to the tv. Very few dealers are very knowledgable on how to hook up the sound systems and the customers are having to make unnecessary trips back to the dealer, only to learn that they (the dealers) can’t help them (the customers). The customers learn more from the forum than they do from the dealers and , in many cases also Jayco customer assistance. I’m not really complaining. I’m on my third Jayco, and will remain loyal. My fondness for the Jayco line is why I’m taking the time to try to help. Jayco has room for improvement, even though Jayco is better than most of the competition.

    • Hi Mike. thank you for taking the time to express your concerns with the current in-dash radio and sound distribution. We were recently made aware of the situation you have described and we can tell you this is a priority project for Jayco in its product development programs. We appreciate your loyalty and always appreciate customer feedback. We frequently visit the Jayco Owner’s forum and snoot around for ideas and issues Jayco should address.

  2. Darrell

    I have a 2010 Eagle 315RLDS with the same problem. I burn up in the bedroom while it’s cold in the living area. I have one vent in the living area, one small round vent at the foot of the stairs, one small round vent in the bathroom and one vent in the bedroom. The bathroom and bedroom are hot while everywhere else is cold.

    • Hi Darrell, sorry for the inconvenience. We’ve passed your comment and information along to our Product Management team and our Customer Service department.

    • Hi Darrell, if you want to discuss this problem with our Customer Service department, they can be reached at 800-283-8267.

  3. Pat Mckee

    I factory ordered a 30.5bhlt last spring and have a heating problem in the entire living area. A major oversight has been made in the ducting of this unit. Only 1 duct in the entire living area and it is right @ the entrance door under the thermostat. It may be 50deg outside but you are chilled @ the table or on the couch.This unit is the coldest unit I have ever owned or have been in and it was ordered with the thermal pane windows and x-tra insulation package. Just to say that this is more than a little bit discouraging. My unit is in right now getting a second furnace installed it was either this or the Unit was traded to another manufacturer for something with some heat. Jayco should come good for this oversight.

    • Hi Pat. Sorry for the inconvenience. We’ve passed your comment and information along to our Customer Service department as well as our Product Management team.

    • Pat, if you want to discuss this problem with our Customer Service department, they can be reached at 800-283-8267.

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