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In RVs, sealants perform a very important function by keeping water from getting into places it should not get into. When we build our RVs, we incorporate many different types of sealants, including butyl/putty, black butyl-encapsulated foam, silicone (clear and colored), roof sealant and foam to the places that need it. However, over time, these sealants may become damaged by ultraviolet exposure, air pollution, freezing temperatures and exposure to other elements. That is why it is important to maintain or reseal your RV. Failure to properly maintain or reseal your RV may result in serious water damage to the roof and other parts of the RV. For Jayco owners, failure to maintain proper seals disqualifies your unit from coverage under the Towable Limited Warranty.

To ensure that you are properly maintaining and resealing your unit, here are a few things you or your dealer’s service team should do:

Inspect all sealants, a minimum of every six months. Make sure to check the roof and all four sides of the RV including al moldings, doors, vents and exterior attachments. A quick walk around the RV before leaving may help prevent potential problems during trips and vacations.

  1. Have the sealant replaced if you notice any cracks, peeling, voids, gaps, breaks, looseness or any sign of physical deterioration. Reseal at least one time each year as preventative maintenance.
  2. Always use the same type of sealant that was removed. Your dealer service or parts manager can help you obtain the correct sealant(s).

If you do find water inside of your RV, be sure to immediately have your local Jayco dealer check for the source of the leak. If the leak is not fixed, it may result in serious damage to your RV, which may not be warrantable.

Here is a link to a diagram that indicates all sealants. Key Resealing Areas Poster

If you have questions or need assistance with sealing your RV, please contact your local Jayco dealer.


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  1. Mike

    So if there are no indications of leakage from any seals, or damage to any seals, why do it annually? This seems like a way to keep folks going back in for service. Also, why not use eternabond versus annual sealing?

    • Hi Mike, if you contact Customer Service, they will be able to answer your questions. The number is 800-283-8267.