RVing With Pets – #2
RVing With Pets – #2 avatar


We all know how hard it is to leave our pets behind when we’re traveling, and taking them along can add even more happy memories to your RVing experiences. However, traveling with pets can create its own set of problems. What happens when your pet gets hurt while traveling? What if your pet gets lost?

Below you’ll find some handy tricks to making traveling with your pets a stress-free experience.

  1. Call the RV sites or campgrounds ahead of time to be sure your pets will be welcome.
  2. Be sure your pet has tags and they are up to date.
  3. Take your pet to the vet in order to be sure you are aware of any medical conditions they may have. Additionally, update their vaccines!
  4. Did you know there are pet first-aid kits?! Keep one of these around when traveling with pets.
  5. Make sure to incorporate your pets into any emergency plans you’ve outlined for traveling.
  6. Don’t forget the basics! A leash, food, treats, etc.
  7. And if you want your pet to get the full RV experience, take them with you when you do fun activities! Pets love hiking
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  1. Tom Stanley

    A vacation would not be complete without taking your pets as they are part of the family. Just as you have to make special plans and adjustments in your itinerary for children you also have to for pets, think ahead.
    Articles like this are necessary to teach people how to travel with their pets, what pets to take and which pets are not a really good idea.
    There is yet another part and that is “Pet Etiquette.” Sure you laugh but just because Fido is adorable to you doesn’t mean he is adorable to someone else, same goes for kids.

  2. Sam Green

    Our Pomeranian goes where we go. Our camping and shopping trips are planned around her. If no pets, no us in most cases. We understand rules on pets in stores and if necessary, one of us will stay in the car or motorhome, she is never left alone. Our MH is named after her, it is called Bella’s Doghouse.