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It’s fun to take your pets with you when you go on a camping trip and saves you money from having to board it while you’re gone. However, it can quickly turn out to be not so fun if some planning ahead isn’t done, especially on longer RV trips. That’s why we’ve rounded up a few Jayco employees who have taken pets camping trips to lend you some advice if you plan to take your furry family member with you.

  • Check with the campground ahead of time. Be sure you know what their pet policy is before you get there.
  • Get your pet comfortable with short car trips before taking them on camping trips, especially if you’re planning a long RV trip.
  • For dogs, it’s always good to have a leash on hand. Dogs are curious and could walk off into another campsite. For all animals, purchasing an exercise pen so they can stay outdoors without wondering off is a good idea.
  • On longer RV trips, be sure to plan enough stops throughout the day to let your pet do their business and get a little exercise. It will be good for you too!
  • Don’t forget to clean up after your pet. You know what we mean….
  • Be mindful of other campers’ opinions on camping with pets. Don’t let your pet ruin their camping vacation.

These are just a few things we came up with. Do you have any other tips for traveling with pets? If so, leave a comment.

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  1. David Purcell

    We always leave current vaccination papers in the glove box so we never forget them!

  2. Mary Ann

    We always travel with our 2 dogs. All campgrounds/RV parks that we have stayed at require that your dog be on a leash at all times. The only exception is when they have an off-leash dog park there and these are becoming more common. Most do not allow exercise pens (but check with the park). If you have a “barker”, be sure you bring along whatever it is that you use to correct excessive barking (water squirter, can with pennies, bark collar, etc.). Also, if you don’t have one of the “bag on board” dispensers, please buy one for your leash so that you always have a bag handy to pick up after your dog.