RVing with Rising Gas Prices
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Gas prices are on the rise again and some are predicting that prices could reach nearly five dollars by the summer.  Luckily for our wallets, camping is already a great way to vacation on a budget. According to a study done by PFK Consulting, commissioned by the Recreation Vehicle Industry Association, RV vacations on average are 27% to 61% less expensive on a per day basis than other types of vacations. The variations in the percentages rely on the type of RV used.

Despite the rising gas prices, more than 80% of RVers say their RV vacations cost less than other forms of vacation, even when fuel prices rise. (source) But to soften the blow of the increased gas prices and to keep you camping throughout the summer, we’ve come up with a list of a few tips from Jayco employees  who camp regularly to help you save a little money at the pump.

  • Keep your motorized RV and towing vehicles up-to-date on maintenance to ensure they are running at their peak performance.
  • Make sure your tires are inflated to the correct pressure. Under inflated tires lower your fuel economy.
  • Pack as little as possible. Don’t load down your RV with unnecessary weight, for every extra 100 pounds, your fuel economy is cut by 2%. – (source)
  • Wait to fill up with water until you arrive at the camp ground. If you fill up your water tanks before leaving home, you will be traveling with extra weight.
  • Camp closer to home – RVing doesn’t have to mean traveling far; you can have fun at your local campground too.
  • Choose a permanent camping location this year. Keep your RV at the campground throughout the summer and use a more fuel efficient vehicle to travel to and from the campsite for your getaways.

Have ways to increase your tow vehicle or motorhome’s fuel economy? Share them with us.

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  1. perry

    I agree with little water while traveling. We changed the water lines in our 2010 octane. We put a valve between the 2 tanks. The front tank you fill also the pump pulls from this tank. We change the pump draw from the side to the bottom. We also moved the over flow from both tanks to the fill spout vent. It is to bad Jayco didn’t put the level sensors on the fill tank instead of the other tank. Now we can camp for a few days with little water, but if we are going to the back woods we can fill everything.