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Being in the thick of nature while RVing or camping, offers a wide array of benefits for the avid RVer. In addition to spending quality time with loved ones, being out in nature offers the chance to participate in activities in a less crowded area, or even offers the chance to do activities specific to nature. For example, snowboarding or skiing, and hiking. However, being away from the crowded areas has its own set of cons. The biggest being the mere distance from medical care in the case of injury while RVing. Because of this, we’re filling you in on some basic injury prevention tips:

  1. Carry a first-aid kit and invest in basic first-aid training.
  2. Use the buddy system. If you plan on going for a long hike, bring a friend!
  3. Carry a cell phone or two-way receiver whenever you’re away from your RV or campsite.
  4. Know your limits. While a healthy challenge can be a good thing, don’t get in over your head.
  5. Get familiar with the American Red Cross and Center for Disease Control websites. Both are great resources for preparedness.

We encourage you to have fun while RVing and camping, but always be safe!

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  1. Rorie Haines

    The only think I would add would be to #2 Buddy System, Leave a note where you are off for a hike. If an officer finds your auto or camper abandon the note will advise them where to begin the search. Happy and Safe Camping!