How exciting! You are one step closer to finding the perfect RV. Regardless of your budget, priorities or how you plan to use your new RV, this free checklist will help you make a highly informed buying decision, by guiding you through the dealership experience.

So, relax. No need to stress. A visit to your local dealer is an opportunity to tap into their product expertise and knowledge of the RV lifestyle. Armed with the right guidance, you’ll be driving off the lot with the ideal RV for you before you know it.

Here’s just a taste of what you’ll learn:

  • How to recognize and judge an RV’s oh-so-important “unseen” construction features
  • What a warranty really says about an RV
  • The safety features to keep an eye out for
  • Which area of an RV to inspect closest
  • The most important questions to ask

Your RV shopping toolkit is about to get a major boost! We’d be happy to send the full dealer visit checklist direct to your inbox right away.

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